A  Restaurant, Antique Gallery, and Caterer

Nestled in the tranquil hills of Northwestern Ct resides Sweet Pea's.  With over 
20 years to it's name Sweet Pea's is no stranger to Fairfield and New Haven
counties and with it's recent move to Riverton, Hartford County is finding out
it's of the finest Ct has to offer.

Enjoy a leisurely scenic drive, relax in our quaint antique accented historic
Victorian and savor the cutting edge cuisine that parallels your favorite restaurant
or cooking show.

With Culinary Institute training, celebrity, and Who's Who' recognition, Sweet Pea's
provides full beverage service, specials theme nights, great desserts and more.

With an out of the box philosophy to customer service resolve to experience all that
Sweet Pea's does to set itself apart from the others.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Paul Panettiere, Chef/Proprietor

Sweet Pea's Restaurant
6 Riverton Rd
Riverton, Ct.  06065



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